Bridgette and Bianca Tatum are twin sisters who have always had a renowned passion for business and women’s style. In 2012 they began a journey to create a style for the millennial woman who wears several hats as students, business women, innovators, and much more. Bridgette and Bianca launched Liz & Bee Online Boutique in the Fall of 2012. During a successful 5 year reign they were able to capture the business of women across the states. As time progressed and college days swiftly passed their purpose and intent began to evolve. As careers and family life grew, they began to seek a larger audience. Liz & Bee served its purpose. Bridgette and Bianca began to think about inspiring style on a larger scale.

A woman is a complex being full of passion, drive, desire, intellect and intuition. EightTwenty91 provides style for every woman no matter her age, background, ethnicity or size. We provide accessories and apparel ranging from classic and chic to fun and funky. Our selection is not specifically for one type of woman. We aspire to give all women power to excel in all of their dreams. EightTwent91 has fashion and style for the millennial woman.